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The Sic Bo Table Layout

One of the things that beginners find challenging when learning the game of Sic Bo is the table layout. There are those who find it similar (and as jam-packed) as the layout for craps or roulette. Well, the truth is the layout of the gaming table is logically organized (that also goes for craps and roulette tables). If a player will find a logical explanation for the pattern on the table the bets and the whole game starts to make more sense.

One of the greatest things about the table layout for our game is that all the information about the different bets you make is already out there in the open. Everything about a bet you will make in this game is right in front of you. If you are about to make a bet (or perhaps still making up your mind about it) the odds are listed along with the specific dice combination to help you out.

When you look at the table layout, you either get attracted to the high odds (less chance of winning but bigger pay if you're lucky) or to the lower odds (lower pay but more chances of winning). One way or another you'll find this pattern all over the table layout.

At the very bottom of our layout you'll find the number bets from one to six. They're at the bottom since they pay out one to one/two to one/three to one depending on how many numbers can you guess turns up. These have better odds but lower pay.

Move on up a bit to the middle part of the table layout you'll find the Sic Bo pair bets. These are usually labeled on the left with "2 Die" and "1 Wins 6" then followed by pictures of two dice combinations. These are placed on the next tier since they pay a bit higher (i.e. six to one).

On top of these would be a row of numbers, which simply means you're predicting the total of the three dice. Each will have its pay out listed along with the totals.

On the very top of the layout we have the high-risk bets (that excludes the Small and Big bets of course). We have the doubles bet, which pay out at 11 to one. At the very middle of the top portion is the any triples bet, which pays at 30 to one. And the triples bet which pays out 180 to one. The Small and Big bets both have 'lose for any triple' phrase with it, which points out an additional rule for this bet (the same reason why these two go along with the triples).

Understanding the Sic Bo table layout is easy. All the information you'll ever need is right there in front of you on the table.