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Tips for Playing Sic Bo

Here are a few Sic Bo game play tips that we hope would make your playing experience fun and interesting. A huge bulk of the game doesn't really require a whole lot of skills. A lot of the information you will get is a description of each possible bet you'll find in the game.

With that as a basis, all strategies you'll find on the subject of this game will be betting strategies. There surely isn't anything anyone can do about the results on the dice since that is pretty much completely random. If anyone claims a system to predict what numbers will come up next in a three dice combination then you can be completely sure its a hoax. Unless you rig the dice and the cage (or perhaps bribe the dealer) you can't really have any control over the dice in this game.

What we may need to do first is to understand what bets we can make in the game and master each bet's potential and benefit (or the reason why a lot of players avoid certain bets). The next step would be to weigh the bets we have as options and then mix and match the bets that really suit our playing style and our bankroll.

That having been said, one key element to any betting strategy is to properly manage your bankroll. Without correct money management principles in hand, any betting strategy will just feel like you're bleeding out money.

Now, let's move off to the tips that are specifically related to the game of Sic Bo. First of all, we need to bet larger amounts to wagers that cover larger spectrum of numbers. For example, betting on Big (the one on the top right of the layout) will give us roughly a 50% chance of winning, so we usually would bet larger amounts on bets like such.

The opposite would be true if we consider wagers that are absolute long shots. Bets that pay 180 to one usually have a very high house edge. Bets like these (e.g. triple one's, triple two's etc.) would usually rarely win so we make smaller wagers on them. Besides, betting small on these would be just fine since they return in huge amounts.

Last tip would be to experiment on the other bets. Play around with the bets that pay you off at ten to one. In fact, if you feel (and if ever you are) really lucky then try out a few triples, who knows, you might hit it big this time around.

Spreading your bets correctly, practicing money management, and learning each bet you can make will help you along the way as you have fun at this game.