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Sample Winning Sic Bo Strategies

Sic Bo has a wide range of bets that players can choose from. With all these bets would come different ranges of odds and payouts. Given this wide spectrum of choices, which is a great feature of the game, each player can therefore make their own set of betting strategies.

We have here some sample strategies that players can try out and play. After getting used to these strategies and the possible bets on the layout, players can make up their own combinations according to their own taste and style of play. We recommend that players who are just starting to learn the game to review the different bets and the format of the table layout.

Let's begin with our first sample strategy. Our first strategy is suited for low-risk gamblers. Low-risk gamblers are those who wouldn't want to make huge wagers and would make wagers that have a good chance of winning. We can categorize these bets as low profit but high winning probability wagers. If you want to check the winning probability of each bet you might want to check out and review our section on the odds of each wager.

Low-risk players would steadily play along with bets on Even, Small, and Big bets. These players can also apply casino-betting systems (e.g. Martingale System, Fibonacci etc.). Low-risk players would make bets on either Big or Small for a specific number of turns and judge if the results turn out to be favorable. Players can also add along an Even bet, which also works almost the same as the two previous wagers. Players who wish to add some more risks might want to try to add a combination bet a few times.

Medium-risk players are those who seek larger payoffs. These players string together and combine different bets and cover a range of numbers and get more winning results. At the most, players of this type can combine up to four different possibilities of winning with a marginal amount of risk that is acceptable. Players may lose up to four times the original bet size but the winnings will make up for the losses when that time comes.

An example of a medium-risk bet would be to wager two units each for double one, double five, and double six, and three units on nine. Another alternative would be to bet three units for a 12 and two for each double one, double two, and double six. The risk is higher but the returns can cough up to 24 units which isn't that bad at all.

High rollers would want to go along with a high-risk bet combination. An example of such combinations is to bet on eight, nine, 12, 13, and the doubles. For instance we bet three units on eight, two on double one, double two and double three. With that we add three units on 13, two units each for double four, five, and double six. Returns will go up as high as 51 units.

After all is said and done, practice is indeed the common denominator for success in Sic Bo. You can play around in our free section and enjoy the game while figuring out the best string of bets that works for you.