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Sic Bo Basics - Betting Strategies of the Game

Sic Bo is a casino game that can now be found in most casinos in the US. Today, this game can also be played online as well. The game appeals to many potential players depending on their style and taste. It is pretty much like craps where you make your bets on a table layout. The difference is on the layout, game methodology, and the bets you make. This game uses three dice while craps only has a pair of dice.

Players have a chance to pick a wager on the table layout and decide how much they would like to bet on it. This in turn leads us to a question on how do we go about with the betting. There are three different betting strategies we can choose from when we play Sic Bo. They would often match how much risk a player is willing to take. Here are the strategies at play that you can choose from.

The first betting strategy, known as timid and steady, is intended for players who would only be willing to gamble with a minimum personal risk. This strategy would suit new players who have yet to learn the game. This strategy would also be perfect for players who are a bit low on the bankroll. The only fall back with this strategy is that the payout isn't that much.

Practitioners of this strategy would often bet on Big and Small. Both wagers are low-risk and low payoff wagers in this game. Players will have an almost 50% chance of winning all the time. We say that it is almost 50% since if the three dice turn out to be triples these two wagers (i.e. Big and Small) definitely lose. The odds for these two bets are one to one. Another wager you can try is odd or even (though some casinos don't offer this wager). These two other bets work the same way as Big and Small.

Next is moderate strategy. Players who practice this strategy would often bet on specific dice combinations (e.g. a 3 and 6 bet on the table layout). These wagers have odds at six to one with a house edge of 2.77%. Players making these bets are willing to take more risks.

The last strategy is going for gold. Players who use this betting strategy would bet on the high-risk bets but hope to get the really big pay. These bets include triplets and any specific triple. Players who take these bets face house edges of up to 16.74%, but they wager on getting as much as 180 to one.

These are the betting strategies in Sic Bo. Choose which one suits you and have a great time.