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Sic Bo Basics: How to Play the Game

Sic Bo may seem to be a mysterious game for some since it originates from the early days of ancient China. When you check out the action at the table you'll find that it can be as crazy as a craps table. Look at the table layout and you'll never have to be surprised to see just so many betting options like roulette.

But if you give the game a chance it can become one most exciting casino games you'll find around. One good thing that came along our way is that we can now try the game at home through online downloads. You can head on to the free play section and try the game. It's a great way to practice before engaging the game head on.

When you approach a table for the first time, you might find that the lay out would seem a bit complicated. Tables are often lit from underneath, a certain highlight to the already rowdy crowd. To check which number on dice showed up, all the players would have to do is to check out the table. The winning numbers would be lit for everyone there to see.

Unlike craps where one player gets to roll the dice, in this game, the dice would be in a cage. The dealer then spins it to get a winning number combination on the three dice. The will remain in the wire cage all the time so you can be sure that there will be no dice manipulation or any other form of cheating were the dice are concerned. All players are assured of a fair roll every time in this game.

When the spinning of the cage and the dice have stopped, the dealer will then enter the winning combination into an electronic keypad and thus the display on the table will be highlighted and you'll know which bets win.

That's how simple the game will run - place your bets, the dealer spins, and the lights go up to show the winner. At first, the game may seem too simple like a real no-brainer, but the game really has more to offer. Players will really have to consider what wagers they would have to make.

A natural piece of advice every player will get is to learn the bets they can make in Sic Bo. The table layout may seem complex at first, but once you go through every single one, you'll find that the wagers are logically arranged like the ones in craps or roulette.

Sic Bo is really a simple and exciting game. Expect a rowdy bunch of players next time you get on to a table to play the game.