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Understanding Sic Bo Terminology

Sic Bo has its own set of terms that are in use when you play the game. These terms are practically easy to understand. Most of the time, by simply associating the meaning of the word with what 's going on in the game players can easily come up with the correct definition.

Here are the terms used in this dice game:

Any Double: Is a bet in the game that wins if any two dice have equal numbers. Any Pair: The same as Any Double. Any Triple: A bet that the three dice will show the same selected number. Betting Limits: The set maximum or minimum amounts that can be wagered. Big Bet: Players expect that the dice will add up to 11 through 17. Cage: A wire cage where the dice are placed. This wire cage is spun by the dealer to get a winning combination. Combination Bet: Any of the labeled two dice combination on the layout. Players bet that the dice will show their two selected numbers. Dice Face: You'll see this on the layout as pictures each side of the dice. Players bet that this side will turn up. Double: This is like the Dice Face, only that players bet that their chosen number will show up on two dice. Even Bet: The dice total will be equal to an even number. Layout: These are the numbers and symbols you see on the Sic Bo table. The layout displays all the available bets players can make while playing the game. Lose on Any Triple: Means that a bet will lose if all three dice will turn up the same number. Lucky Dice: Slang for the name of the game. Odd Bet: Similar to the Even Bet, only that the wager is on an odd total. Spin: This is when the wire cage is made to move thus rolling the dice and getting a winning combination. Players don't get to spin the cage, only the dealer gets to do it. Only when all bets have been made will the dealer spin the cage. Three Dice Total: Players predict the exact total of the three dice. Three Single Number Combination: Players wager to predict the exact combination of the three dice. Re-Bet: Place the same amount of wager.

All these terms are really easy to understand. A really quick way to get a handle on the lingo used in Sic Bo is to try the game a few times. After a few turns you'll easily get to understand what each of these terms mean.